No Enemies

Hi there, welcome to No Enemies. We're a
tiny website factory committed to clean, usable sites.

We build our sites to be responsive to mobile technology and accessible by search engines and humans alike.
Read more about our design philosophy below.

What We Do

Cool Stuff We've Done

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Who are these two anyway?

No Enemies is a tiny web design & development studio located in wonderful Austin, Texas. Everything we make is built according to a balance of form and function. Our designs are unobtrusive, delivering exactly what the user wants without getting in his (or her!) way.

We are not minimalists, but we care about clean, beautiful design. We are not functionalists, but we always keep content and users in mind. Your site is about you, not about your fancy new redesign. Our job is not to overshadow your content and message; we're here so you can present yourself professionally and efficiently. Ideally, the user should never realize we were there.

Delwin tried hard to be a designer and developer for a while until he realized he liked code more, and teamed up with Nikki. He works with Python, Django, WordPress, PHP, SQL, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript & jQuery. In his free time he takes photographs, makes music, and writes about himself in the 3rd person.

Nikki is the design half of the No Enemies team. Her work has been featured around the web on blogs such as Daily Inspiration, InspirationFeed, Creative Design Magazine, Curioos Arts, and others. You can usually find her working on art projects, staging photo shoots, or exploring abandoned buildings with her Nikon D3000.